Another fold of the treefrog

This is probably the last in the series of posts based around the frog and its base. See earlier posts: here, here, and here.

Tree Frog. Designed by Robert J Lang, folded by me. (35cm deluxe washi, finished model ~14cm long).

Here’s another version I’ve folded of the treefrog from Lang’s Origami Design Secrets. I used the deluxe washi¬†available on

Now I really love this deluxe washi (although it’s probably not really appropriate for ultra-complex box-pleated folds) and I’ve said elsewhere that it’s like folding chocolate. There’s a few other models I’ve done with it and I’m sure I will get around to posting some of them up… eventually. (Those of you who follow my twitter feed might have seen a couple of them.)

This frog is probably the model I’m most proud of (with the possible exception of the Bull Moose from the same book). At some point I might try a wet-fold version from tant paper, but (like everything on this blog) don’t hold your breath!

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