Frog base extended

Following on from the previous two posts, if you unfold your frog base so that it’s back to a flat square, you will see that the crease pattern looks something like this:

Frog base crease-pattern.

Now what if we want to make a more complicated frog, perhaps with fingers and toes? We need extra paper! To get the full description, you need to read it in Robert J Lang’s book Origami Design Secrets, but suffice it to say, we can graft extra paper into the base as follows:

Frog base crease-pattern with grafts.

You can fold a frog as usual from the separated components of the frog base, and use the extra paper for fingers and toes. As a happy accident, the grafts also add paper at the head of the model, which we can use to model eyes.

Tree Frog. Designed by Robert J Lang, folded by me. (24cm kami, finished model ~9cm long).

The full instructions are in Origami Design Secrets as mentioned above.

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