There’s more than one way to fold a frog-base

In this discussion, I’m going to assume a familiarity with the water bomb base.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of origami bases, start with the origami terms page here.)

Starting with the water bomb base:

Flap one:

Origami Instructions

1: Squash fold the flap. 2: Petal fold. 3: Fold the flap back down. 4: Book-fold in half.

Flap two

Double-rabbit-ear the flap.

Turn the model over (not shown).

Flap three

1 Rabbit-ear the flap. 2 Open unsink one layer from inside the rabbit-ear. 3 Book-fold in half.

Flap four

1 Reverse-fold the flap downward. 2 Reverse-fold the front and back layers of this flap.

The final result for each flap is the same; we have constructed the frog base from the water bomb base.

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