Black Devil Angler Fish

…or deluge part 2.

Black Devil Angler Fish, designed by Robert J Lang, folded from 34.5cm paper. Final model ~12cm long.

Another one from Origami Sea Life by John Montroll and Robert J Lang. Lang’s own fold of this model is on his site here. I actually think that my model stands up to comparison with his! (OK, I’ll be the first to admit his is better, but I feel this is one of few models I’ve posted on here that actually gets into the ballpark.)

I’m a fan of the colour-change teeth especially; this doesn’t show on Lang’s own fold. It’s one of the advantages of folding traditional-style kami with colour on one side and white on the other.

Incidentally, if you use Google image search to look for “black devil angler fish” a fairly high proportion of the results are pictures of various versions of this model! Me likey.

Origami notes: there are some difficult sinks in this model, and if I recall correctly it took several hours to complete.

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4 Responses to Black Devil Angler Fish

  1. Ashley Broadey says:

    Wow! It’s good to see these again! Glad you started a blog about it!

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  3. mark says:

    Test comment

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