Dragonfly, designed by Robert J Lang, folded from 34.5cm paper (from roze). Final model ~12cm long.

Yet another model designed by Robert J Lang in Origami Insects and Their Kin.

I finally found some good, large paper at roze.co.uk!

If I have one niggle it’s that the paper ripped in a couple of places; I don’t think it’s fair to blame the paper though. Lang’s insect models are very demanding, and all 6 legs (which is where the rips occurred) are from middle-flaps (i.e. the point of the flap is from the middle of the paper, rather from an edge or from a corner) and the large number of layers involved make it very difficult not to rip the paper!

Another view.

Now that I have found some halfway-decent paper, prepare for a deluge of these insects!

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