Lionfish folded from 30cm square of layout paper, final model ~8cm long

This model (designed by Robert J Lang) is another one from Origami Sea Life by John Montroll and Robert J Lang.
As with a lot of Lang’s origami designs, there is a lionfish on his own website. Given that he says there that the final model is 7″ (18 cm)  his models must be folded from much larger sheets than mine. (Around 67 cm?) Perhaps this is something I ought to take into consideration for future projects.

Anyway, I folded this lionfish quite some time ago. One thing I remember was the realisation, about halfway through the fold, that the paper was not quite square. This has a tendency to cause problems, to say the least; corners which don’t quite match up quite quickly become points on the model which aren’t quite points.

Having said that, layout paper (in this example, 50 gsm paper from an A3 Goldline Layout Pad) is of an ideal thickness for origami, especially the more detailed and complex models like this. It’s slightly thinner than most kami paper (which seems to be about 60 gsm) and holds a crease reasonably well. On the other hand, it doesn’t come as square-cut, and plain white isn’t the most inspiring colour.

I have made others of this model, both from 15 cm kami (I couldn’t get the head to lock together; the flaps ended up too small) and from the 21 cm Tuttle paper used in several other of the models. Quite frankly even 21 cm paper is too small, and 30 cm (this model) is pushing it.

I need to order some bigger paper and try some decent sized models! If any of my (as yet non-existent) readers have any suggestions please don’t hesitate.

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