Folded from 21cm Tuttle Publishing patterned paper (from Amazon), final model ~8cm long

Another model designed by Robert J Lang in Origami Insects and Their Kin.

Again, I’m not sure about the paper. You can see from the photograph that I ripped the head. Quite frankly Lang’s insect models push (and, to be frank, go beyond) the boundaries of what is possible to fold from 15cm kami or 21cm glossy paper. There are a number of models in Insects and Their Kin which I’ve been unable to fold at all from these papers. Either it rips, or the flaps get too small to fold any further.

Having said that, Lang’s own fold of this model (from his own site) is captioned at 3″ which isn’t far from the size of this model. I’m guessing that was folded from thinner (but stronger) paper than the Tuttle stuff, or maybe I just need to up my game a little?

More on paper: quick google searches for origami paper tend to bring up 15cm kami, if you’re lucky. I did find a site roze which stocks some more unusual papers, I’ll let my (as yet nonexistent) commenters know how it goes. I do think that with decent sized thin but strong papers, I ought to have more success with these most challenging (but rewarding!) model designs.

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