Hercules Beetle

Hercules Beetle

Folded from 21cm Tuttle Publishing patterned paper (from Amazon), final model ~11cm long

This model was designed by Robert J Lang and can be found in his book Origami Insects and Their Kin. I’m a big fan of Lang’s origami designs.

In the past, many insect models would be vague and impressionistic, usually without the correct number of legs and other appendages. In marked contrast, this model is recognisably a Hercules beetle. It’s a difficult model to fold, and usually takes me about two hours to complete.

Hercules Beetle

The same model folded from 15cm kami. Finished model ~8cm long

(A note on paper: the paper used for this model, from Tuttle Publishing, while being sold as origami paper, is in my experience a little too thick and glossy for the most complex models. Sinks and detailed reverse-folds of multiple layers are hard to accomplish cleanly. However, the larger paper size somewhat compensates for this. I suppose that not being able to look at the paper beforehand is one of the draw-backs of buying paper online. Anyhoo, I have folded a couple of other versions of this model (one to the right) from standard 15cm origami kami paper (the type they sell in Muji in 15cm and 7.5cm squares) and while it is smaller, I find it the most easy to fold.)

I also think that the patterning on the paper in the main model distracts slightly from the detail of the model itself. However, I do enjoy this particular model, it’s one of my favourites from this book.

Compare with Lang’s fold of the same design, on his own web-site: Hercules Beetle.

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