Goldfish folded from wallpaper

Wet-folded from 52cm square of left-over wallpaper, final model ~20cm long.

This model (designed by John Montroll) comes from the excellent Origami Sea Life by John Montroll and Robert J Lang.

This is the first time I’ve properly tried the wet-folding technique as recommended by Montroll and Lang:

In wet-folding, a heavy paper is dampened before folding, which makes it malleable enough to fold; when the paper dries, it becomes rigid and resistant to damage.

I’ve had the Sea Life book for many years, and must have made something like twenty or thirty of the goldfish from various papers. As a model with which I’m fairly familiar, I thought it ideal to try out an unfamiliar technique.

I don’t know that wallpaper is the ideal material for wet-folding; the coating on the coloured side prevents the water from penetrating. Also, the edges of the paper become quite fragile and easy to rip. While it dried, I held the model together with masking tape, which slightly damaged the surface of the paper in a couple of places.

Having said all that, I am quite pleased with the results.

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1 Response to Goldfish

  1. markfiend says:

    *leaves mental note to self to post better photo of goldfish*

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